How Kendra Scott Is Transforming & Taking Over The Jewelry World

It’s Kendra’s World, and you’re just buying her jewelry in it.




That’s okay though because my blog is here to convert you into a superfan! This past February, I celebrated my one year anniversary of working as a sales associate and brand ambassador at Kendra Scott Streets at Southpoint. I have loved every single day as I get to help customers of all backgrounds pick out beautiful pieces of jewelry.

I must admit that the selection of pieces that I thought fit my style was a little limited at first. After coming back from my exchange in Sydney, Australia, I had garnered a more edgy urban vibe that I combined with my love for runway models’ off-duty style. Kendra Scott was founded and has her headquarters  in Austin, Texas and was generally known for Southern, preppy pieces. However, as time passed and I grew in experience, it was amazing to see the company develop as well. Kendra Scott has successfully forged a beautiful balance of maintaining classic pieces for their core customer base while creating and marketing upscale, trendier pieces for a new fashion-forward base. Here’s how its happening.


Enter the Influencers

Remember Simone Biles, the amazingly talented Olympic gold-medalist? She has been a fan of Kendra Scott before and after her Rio rise to fame. You can find Grammy-nominated country princesses Maren Morris and Kelsey Ballerini wearing the jewelry in their instagrams. Actresses Mindy Kaling and Sofia Vergara were also early fans of Kendra. But the brand’s decision to market digital influencers helped them jumpstart growth for a trendier customer target.

For the Winter 2016 collection, Kendra brought in top model and Instagram darling Scarlett Leithold, who boasts 1.5 million followers on the image platform. Since her campaign, she has posted multiple pictures wearing and mentioning her Kendra Scott jewelry. 74 percent of customers use social media to make purchase decisions and 92 percent trust recommendations from individuals over brands. So, 1.5 million more potential customers were exposed to Kendra because of a much less direct, pressured form of advertising.

The marketing team of Kendra Scott also has made the smart decision not to place all of their “eggs” into one type of “influencer basket”. In the past year or so there has been a rise in “micro-influencers” on Instagram. Markerly, an influencer marketing platform, released a survey finding that the best range of followers for the top engagement is around 10,000 to 100,000. While Scarlett may have millions of followers, a majority may not be specifically interested in jewelry. Gifting pieces to fashion bloggers like Sivan Ayla (52k) and Sophie Elkus (108k) will garner you a more focused customer base and a higher percentage of potential purchasers. Plus, the micro-influencers will gain greater exposure from being featured on Kendra Scott’s social media. It’s a win – win!

And for all my reality TV fans…Kendra Scott gained even more influencer publicity with their color bar booth at Bachelorette star Becca Tilley‘s Youtube Launch party!

Scarlett Leithold and her Diamond KS Lisa Necklace

Personalizing and Expanding on Trends

Sure, everyone has a choker. It’s the “it” piece right now. But do you have a choker that comes in four different metals and can be adjusted in length based on your outfit? Can you in some cases actually customize the stones put into the choker? Such versatile, large and unique offerings of jewelry is how Kendra is banking on trends. In terms of the adoption curve, I feel as if they watch early adopters for stand-out fads that will maintain into an early majority phase. With quicker product releases, they are able to provide the trend pieces to the early majority and catch some late majority as well. If the early majority fans find that Kendra is providing these trendy pieces quickly, they are going to become return customers and influence other early majority customers.

But you don’t want to forget about your core customer either! Those who favor more of the original large-stoned, colorful Kendra are still treated to “signature pop” color updates every season. This allows customers that love the original styles a bit of extra trend.

And take it from me…there are some amazing pieces coming in the future that fit an edgier style like mine perfectly. As I spend my last months working at Kendra Scott before I graduate, I can’t wait to see how the company will continue on their path of success. Who knows, maybe I’ll end up in public relations with them someday? A girl can only hope!



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