My Fav Street Style Looks from LFW

Featured Image Credits: Christian Vierig, Getty Images


As I discussed in my previous street style post, I planned on posting my favorite street style looks for each major city during fashion month, and this time it is for London Fashion Week.

I recently read an article on Glossy about the importance of London Fashion Week, even though it has been known as a little off color and lower-profile. It is squeezed tightly between NYFW and MFW, which makes it highly skip-able to bloggers, editors and models who want to be in Milan for the major beginning shows. London Fashion Week helps launch young designers from local fashion schools such as Central Saint Martins and emerging designers on the edge of greatness. As a senior graduating in a little over two months (pls help) I am also trying to break into the fashion industry, though in a different specialization. All we need is a platform to be heard (this is mine!!!) and exhibit our talents and passions that, if fostered, can grow as great as seasoned professionals.


And with that, I give you my favorite street style looks from this past London Fashion Week!

Leila Monteiro

I know you can’t see the entire outfit, but I’m sure you can tell that this is a onesie. I guess you could call it a jumpsuit, but this is the best onesie I’ve ever seen. Running all over the city for shows in heels, a tight skirt and giant annoyingly-overpriced Vetements jacket is exhausting and uncomfortable. Running all over the city for shows in a tie up onesie and beautiful Chanel crossbody sounds like a dream I had a couple of nights ago.

Leandra Medine

If Gigi Hadid is my model inspiration, Leandra, founder of Man Repeller, is my blogger inspiration. She is so witty while basically running the street style game. I love this look all-around, but the Chinese qipao-inspired skirt really gets me. I’ve been lusting after a qipao since I was young and saw them in a Washington D.C. Chinatown shop. Silk and leather and intelligence are a great combo.

Alanna Arrington

Logo Tees are officially back, so get them while they’re hot! (Because knowing trends they’ll probably go out of style in another year.) But Alannah looks amazing in this color-cordinated Tommy tee, windbreaker and track pants. Because of the 90’s resurgence and digital influencers like rising star Arrington, Tommy has seen an incredible comeback after a decade of falling sales.

Doina Ciobanu

Is this a silky tracksuit? A peacoat? A tie-up sweatshirt? I have honestly no idea but I am here for it!!! Blogger Doina Ciobanu of The Golden Diamonds looks radiant in a matching set of Asian-inspired florals that brings about a balance of feminine and masculine. Women can wear the pants too ya know.

Irina Lakicevic

I picked this outfit because I really enjoy Irina of A Portable Package‘s clever layering of a tight black turtleneck with a more flouncy blouse. Hints of black tie the outfit together and give it a contrast against two of shades blue. Unbuttoning the blouse makes it less like something I would wear to a Carolina gameday in the 1850’s. ha ha.


Daniela Lopez

In my middle school days of just-discovering street style and high fashion, the model-off-duty uniform was usually a black leather jacket, black combat boots, black jeans, and white v-neck tshirt. Now the rise of social-supermodels with great, fit bods has redefine typical runway standards. The new model-off-duty uniform is varied, but a crop top to show off amazing abs and a longer coat to balance it out is a favorite. Daniela‘s doing it, Bella‘s doing it, you can do it to!!!


Olivia Palermo

Olivia Palermo can pull off anything. She pulled off a successful career in fashion after being on The City (cringe), she pulled a hot hubby, and she pulls off the look! Pairing a bright red with a difficult neutral like brown helps keep the outfit from entering into a dull, frumpy zone. Plus the sweater falling off the shoulder is a thing. (I’m not really sure why…sorry).


Mysterious Fashionable Jane Doe

Darn you Getty Images for not knowing her name! Either way, I am in love Jane Doe’s blue leather jacket. NO, not just because it’s Carolina blue…it also helps transition the coat into the upcoming Spring months that can still get chilly. Also, extra extra points for her supporting Business of Fashion’s “Tied Together” movement of unity, solidarity and inclusiveness.


Anne-Laure Mais

If you want a new influencer to follow on Instagram, Anne-Laure is your girl. Anne runs the blog Adenorah and channels French girl style so effortlessly. The light-washed crop denim looks amazing with red and helps balance the girly-ness of the top. Also give me those sunglasses. Round sunglasses are a thing.