My Fav Street Style Looks from NYFW

Feature Photo Credit: Getty Images, Daniel Zuchnik

You had to know this was coming!

Today’s word break is in honor of my favorite street style from this past New York Fashion Week. I thought about doing my favorite new pieces from the runway shows, but I wanted to stay true to my passion for street style. It is so much more fun to look at! I love its candid-ness and actually seeing how customers wear pieces from the runway. Look out for my street style posts for the upcoming fashion weeks as well! PS: Be prepared for fur coat overload!!


Taylor Hill

Embed from Getty Images

If you didn’t have a black hole-y belt like the one Taylor Hill is wearing, were you even a 90’s kid? Seeing this in the latest street style means the 90’s truly are back. Being the supermodel she is, Tay pulls this look of so well but I feel like I would just look like I was going to a middle school-themed costume party. We will see. Also bonus points bc Anna Sui!!!!!


Vita Sidorkina

Ok, I promise not every feature will be of a runway model. But seriously, I love Vita’s outfit because it is actually a great everyday look. A lot of street style is eccentric to the point where I can’t find much inspiration from it to implement into my wardrobe. 1 part slouchy + everything else chic = a great fashion equation.


Chiara Ferragni

Showing off your awesome bod has been a trend this fashion week, because who cares if its snowing and 28 degrees outside? I’m very okay with this, not because I have killer abs (i don’t) but as a college student I still like showing a little skin when I go out…even in the cold. As long as you have a coat to bundle up in while getting to your destination like Chiara, I’m all for the crop tops in the cold.


Eva Chen

Ok, you may think that this is too laid-back of a look for fashion week but Eva is 9 months pregnant and still going to shows. And looking chic. She’s being very inconspicuous about her pregnancy while showcasing what she calls “this season’s impractical trend of winter coats half zipped and falling off the shoulders.”


Bianca Duydiwa

I’m really excited that we’re embracing the 70’s again (along with the 90’s…skipping the 80’s was a good idea). The fur coat gives the outfit the pop that it needs along with a topper to great layering. I know so many people that look awesome in beanies but I have a fear of hat hair and forehead sweat.


Xenia van der Woodsen and co. 

I don’t like saying the words “squad goals” but this Xenia and her friends nail it. I’m really excited about fuzzy/furry…especially expanding the material into accessories like earrings and bags. Also a feather coat helps you stand out amongst the fur coat masses. But the most important aspect I must address is that over the knee boots should never go out of style. They’re the perfect balance for a shorter skirt or dress in the cold and make legs look longer.


Lisa Hahnbueck

Brittany Spears called and wants her pants back…but she gets a hell no because these patent leather pants are amazing. Toning down the look with a black fur coat and shoes creates a perfect balance and texture mix. Also have you noticed florals, especially roses, are in? I’m all for it.


Caroline Daur

I recently started following Caroline on Insta and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made in a while (social-media wise). She always has the most beautiful outfits and this one is no exception. Caroline includes the comeback trends like statement belts and fishnets but in her own way. I’m most excited to see her outfits during fashion month.

Karlie Kloss

Karlie is the perfect example of a seamless execution from model to influencer. Get a girl that does both! Her outfit has such fluidity that I don’t usually see with black, and it creates a striking look. The details on her joggers gives a little formality to match the coat. Also look at the willingness to take a selfie! Move over Gigi, Karlie is the model of the people!!!