My Favorite Street Style Looks from MFW

Feature Photo Credits: Getty Images – Melodie Jeng

Milan Fashion Week street style gave me LIFE.

Seriously, it was so hard to choose my favorites in only nine photos. Leave it to MFW and PFW for the hard-hitting street style to come out. It is also even harder to choose when I only can pick from horizontal pictures because I don’t know how to code my Getty Images to center. Yeah, like half the street style population wore Gucci. So much Gucci that Fashionista made a slide show of 49 Gucci looks worn to the Gucci show. But there were other awesome non-Gucci looks as well….so here are my picks!

Barbora Ondrackova

Newsboy caps are EVERYWHERE. What type of girl is capable of bringing back such 90’s borrowed-from-the-boys millinery? An ‘It’ girl. Ie: Bella Hadid, Kaia Gerber, Hailey Clauson. Heck, Bella even designed a newsboy cap in multiple colors for her just-debuted ‘Chrome Hearts x Bella‘ collaboration. Barbora’s cap is simple compared to the other ‘It’ girl caps, but it adds that extra dose of chic to the outfit.


Elsa Hosk

My freshman and sophomore year of college I wore pink ALOT. With my bright blonde hair, it was easy to peg me as “Southern Barbie.” and a stereotypical girly girl. But in 2016, rose quartz was named Pantone’s color of the year and majorly grew in the fashion industry. Elsa’s pink bomber and Chanel logo tee (thank the lord its not Gucci) is on trend and reaffirms you CAN be blonde and wear pink!


Aiden Curtiss

Aiden channels another modern model-off-duty look I love. Leopard coats have been seen everywhere this Winter, and she sets her look apart with olive layering. She’s got Jenna Lyon’s mantra of leopard as a neutral down so well. Like I’ve said before, I am most inspired by street style that I can integrate in my wardrobe easily, and this is one of those looks.


Gala Gonzalez

Hate on me all you want but this is another hat appreciation pic. I love berets! They’re hard to pull off, but have been seen back on the Gucci runway in 2015, this year’s street style rotation in New York, and now on Gala Gonzalez in Milan. This look is very French, but very fresh!


Maria Jernov and Laura Tonder

These two looks are definitely my favorite from MFW. Maria’s cropped sweatshirt cut is flattering AF and definitely something I want to buy ASAP. A little embellished athleisure gives a contrast to a statement dress and both pieces have major versatility!!! Extra points for the tinted glasses…very 90’s and have been set for a comeback since last year.

Laura’s look is daring and unlike anything I’d seen during fashion month. She channels a modern kimono with an obi-esque belt. Asian-inspired florals and embellishments have been gaining major ground lately, and I hope this catches on as well.


Carola Bernard and co.

I love these two looks because they take some of fashion’s most popular (but tired out?) trends and gives them a twist. We’ve seen black sheer tops, a social supermodel-favorite, all over the place. Carola takes immediate notes from the runway surge of nude mesh with a bohemian vibe. I talked about the prominence of this season’s ‘It’ coat – the faux-fur Leopard coat – and Zebra is just as chic and works more a wardrobe more if you prefer black and white!


Mysterious Colorful Comfy Guest

Getty Images does it again. And I mean they don’t know the name of the girl wearing this amazing outfit. Mysterious colorful guest stood out to me in a Milan street style sea of mostly neutrals, embellishments, muted prints and small color pops. Thick and thin bands of color have been seen on the runways so its gonna be on the streets soon. Plus the material looks like a fuzzy towel you wear for 2 hours after a shower sitting on your bed while scrolling Instagram or reading Man Repeller.


Gilda Ambrosio and co.

I’ve seen oversized sleeves in every week of fashion week street style so far, but these are my fav. Monochrome taupe and cream or pops of color, these tailored pants and oversized jacket sleeves look so polished. Also it’s a great way to hide things. Like maybe bringing a bowl of macaroni in cheese into a fashion show to eat. Actually that’s probably just me.


Lisa Hahnbueck

Ah, the Canadian tuxedo. Denim on denim. I tried this trend in high school and it just wasn’t gonna happen. (Denver/Lincolnton, NC is NOT the new NYC, I am sad to announce). Now that I’m about to move to the actual NYC, I’m excited that double denim is going strong. Lisa makes it girly with an on-trend frilled turtleneck, but I’ve seen social supermodel Gigi go the opposite spectrum with ripped and edgy. Going to wear both and post on Insta and see how my high school style haters feel now!!