On Influencing: Do I Dare Try?

I must admit,

I am not the person to start a blog by my own choice. Writing my thoughts out for the public to read truly does unsettle me, as I am very self-concious. Before I publish my posts, I always have the same thoughts running through my head:

“Will people like this or even want to read this?”

“Will people think I’m a bad writer?”

“Wonder if people think I’m a fashion poser…if that even is a thing?”

“Why am I even doing this?”

On a surface level, I can answer the final question quite easily. I am writing for class. It is a requirement. However, as I have continue to write and post a realization has come to me. Sharing thoughts, talents, passions and inspirations are at the core of an influencer’s job. If these people did not have the courage to engage with the public, they would never be where they are today. And I never would be writing about them either. Do I have the strength to become an influencer in my career?

Granted, once you reach a certain degree of prominence and gain a follower base, the fear of lack of readership or engagement reduces. But then comes the pressure to perform at the highest level. And the requirement of sticking to your brand. No matter how famous one becomes, the drive for social validation persists. It is an influencer’s job to engage their audience for this validation in order to sell a product, lifestyle or brand. So you have to be passionate and genuine about it.

So I say to myself,

Do I have the talent or courage to be an “influencer?” Do I dare move to a city where there are thousands of these so-called people vying for the same job as me? Before beginning this blog, I would’ve outwardly said yes, but inwardly said I’m not sure. After four posts and receiving positive feedback (THANK U!!!) I realize that an employer will be able to set me apart from the rest of the crowd with my writing. Everyone may be trying to become an influencer, but not one influencer is the same. So I will continue to write on my weird hybrid of street style/runway models/social media and see where it takes me for a career.

I’m not saying I am the authority on a certain fashion trend/designer/model/whatever. In fact, I know I’m not. I am the equivalent of the dog sitting at a computer with the caption “I have no idea what I’m doing.” But I am passionate and genuine about what I am writing about, and I’m always eager to learn more. I hope to inspire others to shove those “what ifs” and “whys” out of their head and press the “publish” button. You’re already a positive “influencer” on yourself!!!